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Ableton for the Advanced Musician:
7 lessons, 2 Months


This course is perfect for those who have prior experience with Ableton and want to take the next step in their musical journey to achieve the level of your favourite producer

In this course, you will cover:

  • Basic music theory
  • Fundamentals of sound theory
  • Overview of Ableton Audio’s advanced functions
  • How to effectively manage workflow
  • Complex experimentation within Ableton Audio
  • Harnessing your creative potential
  • Advanced mixdown techiques and automation
  • Basic mastering techniques
  • Artist Branding & Networking



$990.00 Aud


Course Hours

6:30 pm – 8:30 || Thursday Nights

What is Ableton Live


Sound On Sound Reviews Ableton 8:

ABLETON 8: Sound On Sound


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This 7 week course price is $990.00
Courses run once a week on a Thursday night from 6:30 pm – 8:30

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