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At EMA, we don’t just teach you how to become a technical production guru, we also offer instrument classes with some of the most talented singer / songwriters in Melbourne…
The only thing that’s compulsory is a passion for music, determination and a burning desire to learn.


All our instrument courses are available for all ages (starting from 5 years old) and all we require from you is a PASSION and commitment to yourself to learn!
Choose any of the below classes and slide straight in depending on your level of expertise.
Whether you are a complete beginner or a seasoned veteran who wants to sharpen up your skills, we can accommodate any situation.

Course options:

    Beginner: For someone with little to no experience in music or playing an instrument

    Intermediate: For someone that can play a few basic chords, read basic notation, play a few songs confidently however is looking to further their skills to a performance level

    Advanced: For someone that is very confident in their ability, has good finger fitness and can play at aperformance level but wants to tighten up your performance ability


It is easy to realise that rome wasn’t build in a day…..
That is why we have structured several different fee options which make it cheaper for you when choosing a longer course.

    $65.00 Aud – Per half hour

    $220.00 Aud – 4 Classes (1 per week)

    $400.00 Aud – 8 Classes (1 per week)

Course Hours

All Piano / Keyboard Coaching Courses are 1 on 1, therefore pick a time that suits you

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