Jamie Stevens


The evolution of an artist is a long and windy road of creative exploration. Inspiration being drawn upon from different sources at different times, each leading the way to an abundance of possible outcomes. For some artists the journey is short as the glow of their creative flame flickers but for others the journey has no end. For those who remain steadfast, their life’s work is a continually evolving machine, a course that only they can instigate and nurture.

After 15 years in the industry, Jamie Stevens is being true to his calling. His career, a book of many chapters, each being equally as important to the plot of his creative story but at the same time different as he refines his thoughts, ideas and resulting sound. From his early days as founding member of Infusion and their renowned success as a band, to writing film scores for both short and feature-length films, to his co-founding of record label Dieb Audio and to his latest chapter with Melbourne outfit Chameleon Recordings, he has remained true to his creative voice and his love of entertaining people through the energy he puts into his music and live experience.

His latest phase with Chameleon Recordings sees Jamie as a solo artist being given the freedom to evolve his trademark sound and be in total control of the final product. From such a liberating point of view, this has been an opportunity to lift all restrictions on the creative process and engage all channels in the production of his music. Whilst for some artists who have already tasted success, such freedom and license to redefine themselves can be an intimidating place, for Jamie he has seen it as nothing short of an opportunity to thrive. His studio, piled high with countless old books, vinyl from many genres and styles, even old star wars figurines tell you he doesn’t leave anything in his past lightly. The building blocks to which he has reached this point are apparent; his high regard in the Australian music scene speaks volumes so the possibilities of what he will produce next are exciting to say the least.

Jamie has taken his sound to some of the biggest stages in the world to date and brought with it all the energy and passion he is well known for. As he embarks on a new era of his refined sound, nothing is more thrilling to Jamie than bringing his unique percussive and bass-heavy sound to the fans. In his language, his emotive new sound coupled with the energy he puts in to his live performances is how he communicates. The evolution of an artist a long and windy road, but for Jamie Stevens the path forward couldn’t be clearer.

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